Bucks-Hawks score, takeaways: Chris Middleton helps Milwaukee to a 2-1 lead; All eyes on Trey Young’s ankle

The Milwaukee Bucks may have lost Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Atlanta Hawks, but with back-to-back wins, they have officially regained the home-court advantage in the series. The Bucks won Game 3 113-102 to take a 2-1 series lead over the Hawks. They are now just two wins from their first trip to the NBA Final since 1974.

The Hawks led most of the match, but the Bucks took the win from Chris Middleton in the fourth quarter with an incredible 20 points. He finished with a total of 38 points, a playoff career high, and it was enough for the Bucks despite having 35 points from Trey Young on another star trip.

On Tuesday the Bucks will try to take a command 3-1 lead when the Hawks host them back in Game 4. For now, the biggest trips from Game 4 are here.

An unforgettable night for Middleton

Chris Middleton has shot 33.9 percent off the ground in his last three games. His 6-in-23 shooting night at Game 1 went a long way to highlighting Bucks 3-0 in the series, which is the story of his postseason. He struggles for a few nights before going to nuclear power when Milwaukee is most in need. He scored 30 total points in the first two defeats to Brooklyn… then scored 35 runs in a crucial Game 3 win. He topped the 38-match winning streak that beat the Nets in Milwaukee’s Game 6, but Sunday night was the best trip of the postseason.

Bucks scored 30 points in the fourth quarter, but Middleton had 20 of them. He scored 3 points (six) more than the other players on his team (3). He equalized for the team lead with 11 rebounds and trailed only Juru Holiday with seven assists.

Speaking of the holiday, Milwaukee’s third star shot 2 out of 11 off the field. In Game 2, he scored 22 as Middleton struggled. This is also one of the alien trends of this post season. The Bucks can’t move their two secondary stars at once, but so far, they don’t need to. Giannis is the best of the best in the world, and as long as the Bucks have one of their other two leaders, they can create enough offense to win.

What does Tray Young’s injury mean?

Bring youth Landed on foot An officer in the third quarter and immediately left the game and went to the locker room. That was the moment when the game and the series could have changed for the Hawks. Young had 32 points when he left the game. That Bum Ankle had four points in fourth-place 1-in-4 shooting, and Bucks won by 13 points in the quarter.

Young’s plan is to play in Game 4, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be automatic. He says he has a sore and plans to get as much treatment as he can before the game. But de Andre Hunter is out of the year. If Game Redish is healthy enough to play real minutes, he will get those minutes on Solomon Hill. Bokton Boktanovic has yet to reach double-digit points in a single game since suffering a knee injury against 76 players. The team is already very thin due to injuries. What if Young even bothered? This series is over.

Reliable reserves

Middleton may have led the Bucks in scoring, but who guesses who is the best plus-minus of the game? This is Pat Connaughton on the Plus-25. Bobby Portis finished second in the Plus-17, and he is third with 15 points from Milwaukee. With Brooke Lopez limited to 25 minutes, thanks to Trey Young’s ability to hit him in space, Connaughton actually played with 32 in the fifth-highest minutes against the Bucks tonight. Their energy was contagious. You do not see 2-on-1 conversion modules like this every day.

By the end of the Brooklyn series, the Bucks had basically cut their entire bench. It only gave them a total of 29 minutes to balance in Game 7 against the Nets, and P.J. That number would have been lower if Tucker had not been tainted. Connaughton was the only note played in that game. Portis has not seen a minute of playing time in the last three games of that series.

But between these two and Brian Forbes, Milwaukee seems to have rediscovered its depth at a crucial point. Eventually things will get tighter for the Bucks to re-organize their spin, but getting these big bench minutes will serve many valuable purposes until that point is reached. Allowing the stars in a few minutes is a big deal, but the simple act of keeping a new player and allowing them to go out without having to defend any power made the difference that can be seen in Game 3. Connaughton and Portis created many of the important buzz each play, and those plays made the difference of a game as close as it gets.

Okongw shines

In one minute and 12 seconds, Oniega was able to force the ball to move at full speed over the Okongu Giannis Antetoga ounbo

Break a lap for Antothoka ounpo

Finish this little float on him with an antidote ounpo (even if you leave him alone).

It wasn’t the same length, but he was able to block Giannis as well. How many players can say that?

The majority of players cannot play in the playoffs. In the regular season Ogongw fought for minutes, averaging only 12 per game on the loaded front court. But he has shown the brilliance of defensive brilliance this post season, and with Clint Cabella and John Collins, the Hawks need not ask him anything more.

However, with Collins set to a free agency banned in this office, Hawks should be relieved to see Ogongw coming in like this in the playoffs. They are completely different players, and since a Kapila-Okongw full-time pairing is defensive, it would stumble so much on the ground that it could be a crime. But if the Hawks are to lose Collins in this office, they should feel good about their prowess on the front court even if at least the fit is not working properly to show this ability on the biggest stage if you look at Okong. The Hawks picked a winner in 6th place overall.

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