Halen if Helen Mirran and Vin Diesel should have kissed on ‘F9’

Delete petitions. Inform the campaigners. When the 10th “Fast and Furious” movie is being made, I have a suggestion that it really needs more: Vin Diesel and Helen Mirran to kiss.

This is my primary trip since watching The latest installment, “F9,” In it 75-year-old Mirran and 53-year-old Diesel share a car chase and show more chemistry than the other two in the movie. She’s having fun with him, he’s watching her, and Diesel’s delight in having Oscar-winning Miren as a visual partner is delicious. At the end of the row, as His Queen Diesel’s Tom drove Torreto On the streets of London, I could not help but hope that she would lean on our hero.

why no? In the previous “Fast” movie, Diesel kisses another Oscar-winning Charlize Theron. If even the best-actress winners are induced to join the franchise, imagine the Smooch Streak that can be designed: After Myron, we get Diesel at a romantic clinic Francis McDormand! (Of course Diesel’s series flame, Michael Rodriguez, will release Hall Pass for that.)

Sometimes it has to be the change you want to see in the world, which is why I set up a video chat with Miran this month to connect this character directly to him. Edited excerpts from our conversation are here.

Your scene with Vin is one of the best in the movie and it is clear that he adores you. Still, I have a note: there must have been a kiss, don’t you think?

Very clean kiss would be nice, yes.

Listen, I will find a solution for that. As part of the thrill of this connection, it is very rare to see Vin Diesel riding in someone else’s passenger seat.

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its true. What an honor to find him driving me, and very intimidating. Vin doesn’t intimidate it – he’s very easy and handsome – but the technology of this kind of shooting is so complex, it’s a world I’m not so familiar with. So, having a good friend sitting next to me was a big help, of course. Listen to that voice!

Tell me about it.

I mean, Vin has a very incredible voice. I go a little coy when I hear it. That velvety brown rumble in your ear is wonderful enough to be enjoyed for a day or two. It’s like listening to a very incredibly well oiled machine.

You’ve always had good screen chemistry with bald action stars – Vin, Jason Statham (Especially in “Hobbs & Shaw”), Bruce Willis (“Red” and other movies). Is there anything about you?

May be! First of all, I have a lot of respect for them because what they do is completely different from everything I have ever done in my life. Their dedication and depth of knowledge about how these films work is very interesting. I always feel that I can learn from them. Maybe I bring a lot of respect and it executes the whole thing, but I think they are the best.

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Still, a cut above the vibration you got with Vin.

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I think at every level we are quite the opposite. But at the same time a great mutual respect goes absolutely both ways. Also, I met Vin’s mom, she’s beautiful, and I think there’s something there too: she’s very close to her mom, obviously loves her. She is beautiful, very sweet, gentle. Not like Vin, but he loves her so much!

Your character seems to love Vinnie, or at least feel a little affection for him. I remember your last line as he left your car: “Don’t kill yourself, right? You are my favorite American. ”

He’s not my favorite American. My favorite American is my husband, Taylor Hackford. My next favorite Americans are my foster children. But then comes Vin.

This is your third film after “The Fate of the Furious” and “Hopes and Shaw”, but it’s the first film to put you in a real car chase. What is capture?

God, that’s totally why I wanted to be in the movies! In fact, they wrote beautiful scenes for me, and I was a part of creating that character in the first place – I wanted to call her Queen, I knew little of that kind of coming from the East End family – but I often wanted to be behind the wheel of a car, of course, it was two It doesn’t happen for movies. Somehow, they worked on this film, which was awesome.

Did you constantly campaign for that scene every time they called you back?

I take it as it comes. I whine a little, moan, moan, and it works.

You really want to film the scene in London, don’t you?

It was unusual for me to be on the real streets of my hometown of London. It was surreal to see Vin in that context: London and Vin’s elegance and familiarity were so contradictory! But I was glad the series took place in the heart of London, and I could not believe that they had closed the evening leading up to the palace. I hope the Queen must have been out with the telescope, don’t you think you’re looking at all this from the upstairs bedroom window: “God, what are they doing?”

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Or “Mirren again?”

“Mirren again, really? Will that girl ever leave me alone?? ”

How long did it take to shoot?

The three or four days I was involved, then of course there was all the amazing stunt driving done by experienced drivers. I’m a big supporter, incidentally, being given the Oscar for stunt people. I think there has to be a genre to it because the contribution of stunt people to so many films these days is huge and extraordinary.

Your cinema family has expanded so much in this series that Jason Statham, Luke Evans and Vanessa Kirby are all playing with your kids. Have you ever wondered who can act as your ex-husband?

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but Vin had the idea of ​​Michael Cain. I mean, wouldn’t that be awesome? It would be so cool and absolutely perfect. So let’s see.

Let’s put it in the ether. When we do that, I double my first request: If you could arrange a clean kiss in the next movie, would you be open to it?

With Vin? God, of course I want to! But only if he talks to me back and forth, because I leave very honestly.

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